Bad Malc J


        Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning Good! Born and raised on the West coast of Las Vegas NV (Hudson) to be exact! Bad started his music journey at a young age of 11, after taking his music career more serious at the age of 16. He was fully locked and loaded with plenty of talent to explode to the music scene.! Although bad was a lil rusty in the beginning of his pursuit to the Entertainment life,  that still didn’t stop the mc from exploring more of what he loved to do. He will soon begin to be noticed from a local upcoming producer, that will be his mentor and guidance to the world of music! Showing and teaching him the music format of hooks , bars breakdown, so forth which will give the young prideful Ambitious (MC) the exact push he will need in the music business. From there own it was nothing stopping the striving Artist to achieve and put on for his city in a local but major way! . It will be hit after  hit that BADMALC J would drop slowly begin to get more of the spotlight he needed for the people to hear what he had to say , once heard it was nothing bad to say! 😎  The laid back , smooth playa style is what made bad the most talked about among his camp in his city!, bad would go on to make a name for himself and build a fan base in the process, with his deep rooted meaning for his debut Album the smitherman project , will give a more impeccable inside of just who (bad ) is which is his min bio as he express sum up in 14 tracks!. Bad grind and expression of realness speak for itself (bad ) is the definition of what the hip hop game haven’t had in a while which is party , living life to the fullest being free! With the talent to to go with it!😁 Bad is currently pushing his latest project that is available to download everywhere! And is most definitely a must listen! With all the good feedback from his album stay tune for a up to date version of our magazine with the dope more of the dope (MC) in the future! ..,

Here’s a link for my new album, i’ll be taking some pictures this weekend and ill send it to for the front cover of the magazine…i have a show this Friday so ill some show footage for you as well

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