J. Capital

             Straight out of Las Vegas NV


        J . CAP

J capital a uprising inspiring Hip hop mc from Las Vegas Nevada although the city is sin City j cap makes it known nothing sinful) about him at all! .😁 Coming up on the West coast of Entertainment City street lights of Las Vegas , J. Cap started out having a passion  to make music at 15 years old.

J cap debut his first recording at the age of 17 with his first song written:

The song was called Hourglass and it was about being timeless! Talk about natural talent with creativity to match it) 😎 coming up as a West coast native j. Cap express how, things can be

difficult to break into the music scene where he is  from, there are so many artist. Vegas is a unique city in itself it is a “Transplant” city so you have a lot of people from other places here and the authenticity of someone being born and raised and making it out is lost in a lot of ways. Express (J. Cap ) when asked about the question.  Overall there are a lot more talent and it just adds to the difficulty of breaking out. Its hard enough as it is with music business by itself!. Never the less that still doesn’t stop J. Cap from furthering his career in music!. The inspiration that inspired j. Cap to do music, was late 90s  early 2000s being the youngest and hungrier Artist among his camp and watching the rest of his squad just as hungry as he was is what really made his growth expand in the music. Although the talented humble, mc is really now just getting his feet wet in the music game he still hopes to reach the success he we’ll deserves in the industry. J. Cap hopes to go further then just music he also hopes to persuade the likes of acting as we’ll!. J. Cap is also working on his first debut Album as we’ll titled Daniel sun! That’s due to drop June 23! Can’t do nothing but support talented upcoming mc as well as his grind and craft coming straight out of Las Vegas NV! ..

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/J-capital-1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv-FpJ0nWX_mZC0BWWBe5fg

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6NYSRGzkrWllC8yTKiL5m4?si=QTnxQVoyQPSrZ0qt3C0Hrw



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