Royalty Urban Wear

In Hip Hop there is most definitely a place for fashion the new brand Royalty Urban wear is more then just a brand but a statement for fashion for the Urban community! . When asked from the designer what the brand stood for , it’s a symbol of black pride worldwide!. A expressions of how royalty we as a people is why not let it show! … Why the brand is just now breaking out it’s taking off pretty fast! With the launch of the T-shirt brand , royalty Urban wear also have a shoe brand line through Italy as well! (Talk about major moves! ) We are hoping that the brand gets it’s reach in more graphics of the reach of other community’s! .. while you can choose from variety of unique hot t-shirts the brand is looking to not just stop their but will also have pants , dresses , shorts, available in stock soon!..,  check out more of the brand on there website! T shirts change monthly! ..

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