Cocain Hendrix

Cocain Hendrix, was born and raised in North Long Beach, California. Growing up as a beginner MC in the music game cocaine, didn’t really take writing rap music until 15 years old. What really inspired him was his big bro growing up Peewee and his big bro Daniel along with Nas and Pac. Being a great influence on the Artist. As well. recording His first song at age 15 with a group started by him and all his homies. They took on the name “562’s most infamous. “ What separates me from every emcee is my passion, desire, heart and ability to tell stories. Says Cocaine) It isn’t a money, clothes and hoes philosophy for me. I want to uplift educate and change the thought process of the listener.) Cocaine is working on an EP titled “Fred Hampton” that is going to speak for the people with out a voice who suffer from all unfair, negativity bs we deal with on a daily.

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