DJ Mix Master LV

DJ Mix Master LV born and raised in the city lights of Vegas, pursued His DJ career at 14. Mix master already having a passion for the Hip Hop music game begin to further more into it by being influence , by Another local Pioneer DJ name George luster from the “Hurteem Bad DJ. It was then that Mix master would dig deeper in the DJ game aspect of the music game. At 17 in high school Mix master LV already established a contract with the school district to do their special events. Proms, homecomings, Sadie Hawkins, Friday night to the parties after the football games. You can say this was a great start for the Nevada native to get his feet wet more of what Djing had to offer!. DJ Mix master LV went on to making a name for himself locally , which lead to West coast legendary Artist paying attention to Mix master such artist as kurupt from the dog pound, Dizzy Wright, MC Breed, Arrested Development!.. he also had the pleasure in breaking independent Artist records in his own backyard as well Vegas artist such as Sutton, Vegas K, Stacy G, T jones, K.O., O Tre, Kameo, Nena Rauls, and many more. Mix master look forward to doing just Djing as you can see he wishes to Promote venues, reduce talk shows and movies, Mix master just invested in Internet Radio, he also have a car club, and part-time moving business, Talk about A DJ on the go! . Mix master is Very active in his native community in Las Vegas, NV. 

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