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West coast raised , West coast resident of Las Vegas Nevada where (Artist sixx packk ) remain coming up six pack was able to memorize just about every song on the radio as soon as he was able to speak. He actually decided to start rapping and teaching himself how to write lyrics in the peek of the year of 92-93. What inspired six packk to do music he tells us that Honestly, it was the release of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” that made him decide to start doing music. Great song to dance to. But, he was disappointed that most people first impression was of white rappers not being apart of the culture as we’ll, in hip-hop. So he made a statement that he can be a better MC despite his color . He did as such with The development, purpose and story behind his label “Shadow Of Doubt Productions”.. 26+ years later as a name in the hip-hop industry. Explained sixx packk) at 15-16 his first track he used the dual cassette player with the instrumental of Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage”.. Sixx packk can’t recall how the song went anymore.

Of his First recording

It was called, “Nobody Saw Me Do It”.. Recorded on dual cassette in ’95 96. Although sixx packk has been in the music game for awhile now and has yet to slow down on his grind. The West coast) Artist is actually in the works of doing a new single titled Double Up” That’s looking to drop soon , A new EP is in the works as well and Sixx packk is looking forward to feature a lot of talented features of Artist on it , with a lot he’s doing in his prime you just never know have to stay tuned to see the many of projects to drop. Aside from being an Artist. Sixx pacck) also produce other artists, he’s a sound engineer available for any kind of event. He also do event consultation and corrnation he is a Also a proud member of HOT RUSH RADIO. With a well driven mind and grind to match you can be sure to see a lot from the West coast native sixx packk,! Be sure to follow him on all social media sites!!.., 

SixxPacc Shadow Of Doubt

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