Surf Club member Tadow born and Raised in Compton CA, where legends in the music game that made a path way also came from.! Tadow wrote his first rap song at the age 11 , he indicated he didn’t know or understand the power or influence it really had.! He was inspired by the Great legendary ICE Cube famous platinum Album laugh now cry later, As well as the late Great Nipsey Hussle bullets ant got no name. Tadow was more inspired by the stories the album’s told the pain , determination in the artists voice that made him relate as we’ll!…, The Young Compton native went on to record his first song in 2015 when he was just 19 years old. Not really knowing exactly what to do how to go Tadow was just determine to get his story out to others.! His first song recording was hear me ) his brother sent him a beat and Tadow took the initiative to Rap 6 min non stop not understand the hooks and bridge concept yet of rap , Tadow was just ambitions to get his songs out! ..,when ask what makes Tadow different from most underground upcoming mcs in the music game he told us what makes him different is his ability to being able to speak on things most mcs would be scared to voice and say. He explained how he can open the door for people to not be alone coming up in the music scene and how not to be ashamed to express how they may feel.., for This young bright MC) is most def one of many leading by example and you can hear it in his music as well.

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