Blak Lazarous

Blak Lazarous is one of the most promising upcoming artist on the West Coast. The LongĀ 

Beach California Native, Las Vegas Nevada resident is more than prepared to Breathe new life into the Hip Hop community. Blak Friday brings a new raw uncut style to hip hop with funky sounds and impeccable lyrics that will truly make him the master of the ceremony. Blak Lazarous was born Chrisler Hodge III in Long Beach California May 28th 1986. Greatly influenced by early 90s hip-hop, Lazarus put the soul back into the art that the game has been missing. Early in Blak’s career he was brought under the wing of a 12-time multi- platinum producer Keith Clark who trained him to be the season artist he is today. Keith Clark was also responsible for working on the sounds of the legendary OGs that came before Blak such a Snoop Dogg and the Eastsiders. raised off of Hip Hop plus being from Long Beach Lazarus always knew music was the way but Lazarous dealt with an antagonist most upcoming rap stores deal with the streets, and music was not keeping him from that. There was one thing that did keep him from the streets July 4th 2009 Blak Lazarous got with his late wife shamesha Stafford AKA Blak butterfly and together they had 5 kids which was more than enough reason to leave the streets behind. Searching for something new Blak in the family move Las Vegas Nevada the entertainment capital of the world where they lived and built there dream. July 2nd 2015 commission was rushed to the hospital July 4th 2015 passed away from a brain aneurysm. Lazarous world was crushed. Now more than ever his family depended on his strength and success. Blak got back into the studio and decided to do what he does best tell his Legacy , through his music by telling his stories. Today Blak Lazarous is currently working on all new music, he is planning to drop a full-length Studio project late this year. Lazarous is more than ready to tell his story, to pay his Lane, to make history. Lazarous is the OG Nas he says if hip hop is dead I guess I’m it’s Resurrection.

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