Isaac King- How To Be Black

“How To Be Black” 

The underground, pop charting MC) Turn writer producer Isaac King , is here to shake the world up and new fans in it With his new hit series How to be black we had time to sit down , with the creative unique Mc/ director to dig in more of the anticipate TV series..! Check it out below!!! .., 

  1. What is your upcoming series about ? 

Basically, but not literally, the best example would be “Fresh Prince” in reverse. It’s as if Carlton moved to Philly instead of Will to Bel Air. It’s the whitest-black guy you’ve ever met coming to the south, the HOOD south at that. 

  1. What inspired you to do the tv series 

My own life. Essentially I WAS the main character, I came from not knowing what black culture entailed to being fully emerged in it, i had lessons to learn, and so does the protagonist. 

  1. What’s the meaning behind the series 

Sometimes, stereotypes are true, but not in ways you suspect, everything has a reason and these pre conceived notions don’t come from thin air. At the same time however, they can also be dramatically far from fact. 

  1. What’s some of the main character breakdown/personality 

Daniel is the protagonist, he’s the whitest black guy learning how to be black. 

Jhene- One of the primary motivating factors for his change, the love interest of Daniel. 

Brandon-Daniels “guide” his soon to be best friend who introduces him to the culture and assists with his attempts at learning. 

  1. What are you hoping people are getting out of watching this series 

An appreciation of both sides, all sides actually. “How To Be Black” is meant for humor, but it’s deeper meaning is that of progression, accommodation, and evolution, a constant nature vs nurture battle that our character engages in every episode. Also, an insight into black culture and what that really means, everyone sees being “black” almost as an achievement, but is it? It’s to show the point that it’s a lifestyle, not a different plane of coolness. 

  1. What’s the message behind the series 

Easy, create your own path, but never forget where you came from. 

  1. What inspired the title of the series 

It’s own concept. 

  1. When will the series be released 

September 2nd 2019 

  1. Where can people view and watch series 

Initially, YouTube and Amazon 

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